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Reynold Brown A Life In Pictures
Revised Edition - 80 new pages!

Newly Revised edition of the fantastic book by Dan Zimmer on the famed movie poster illustrator. This great book first came out in 2009 and sold out very quickly. Jam-packed with hundreds of illustrations of Brown’s work from his days doing magazine art through his poster illustration & up to his modern art. A highly recommended tome on one of the greatest movie poster illustrators ever.

The new edition has a whopping 80 additional pages that were only available in the special edition of 100 copies in the first edition. These pages have been added with many dozens of new images & make the book a ginormous 304 pages full of art!


Movie Posters Done By Reynold Brown

Year Title & company
1967 2267 A.D., When the Sleeper Awakes (AIP)
1962 55 Days At Peking (Allied Artists)
1963 A Global Affair (MGM)
1961 Ada (MGM)
1964 Advance to the Rear (MGM)
1959 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (MGM)
1952 Against All Flags (Universal)
1959 Al Capone (Allied Artists)
1960 Alamo (Allied Artists)
1959 All Mine to Give (MGM)
1959 All the Fine Young Cannibals (MGM)
1964 Americanization of Emily (MGM)
1953 Apache (Universal)
1966 Appaloosa (Universal)
1959 Atomic Submarine (Allied Artists)
1964 Atragon (AIP)
1958 Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (Allied Artists)
1958 Attack of the Puppet People (AIP)
1956 Away All Boats (Universal)
1953 Back to God’s Country (Universal)
1956 Backlash (Universal)
1957 Battle Hymn (Universal)
1969 Battle of Britain (Universal)A
1959 Beat Generation (Allied Artists)
1956 Behind the High Wall (Universal)
1960 Bells Are Ringing (MGM)
1959 Ben Hur (MGM)
1954 Bengal Brigade (Universal)
1955 Benny Goodman Story (Universal)
1959 Big Circus (Allied Artists)
1959 Big Fisherman BV/C
1962 Big Red D
1962 Big Wave (Allied Artists)
1964 Bikini Beach (AIP)
1962 Billy Bud (Allied Artists)
1964 Black Sabbath (AIP)
1953 Black Shield of Falworth (Universal)
1963 Black Zoo (Allied Artists)
1958 Bonnie Parker Story (AIP)
1967 Born Losers (AIP)
1962 Brain that Wouldn’t Die (AIP)
1962 Burn Witch Burn (AIP)
1959 Butterfield 8 (MGM)
1954 Captain Lightfoot (Universal)
1963 Captain Sinbad (MGM)
1962 Captains Courageous (re-release) (MGM)
1958 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (MGM)
1969 Cervantes (AIP)
1959 Cimarron (MGM)
1952 City Beneath the Sea (Universal)
1961 Comancheros TCF
1964 Comedy of Terrors (AIP)
1954 Conqueror RKO
1961 Cossacks (Universal)
1962 Courtship of Eddie’s Father (MGM)
1954 Creature from the Black Lagoon (Universal)
1955 Creature Walks Among (Universal)s (Universal)
1959 Curse of the (Universal)ndead (Universal)
1956 Curucu, Beast of the Amazon (Universal)
1958 Damn Citizen! (Universal)
1959 Darby O’Gill and the Little People D
1960 David and Goliath (Allied Artists)
1954 Dawn at Socorro (Universal)
1968 Day of the Owl (Mafia) (AIP)
1963 Day of the Triffids (Allied Artists)
1957 Deadly Mantis (Universal)
1968 Destroy All Monsters (AIP)
1968 Devil’s Eight (AIP)
1965 Die Monster Die! (AIP)
1966 Dirty Game (AIP)
1965 Doctor Zhivago (MGM)
1967 Double Trouble (MGM)
1962 Dragon (AIP)
1970 Dunwich Horror (AIP)
1953 East of Sumatra (Universal)
1963 Edgar Allen Poe (AIP)
1960 Fair Bride (aka The Angel Wore Red) (MGM)
1957 Far Country (Universal)
1969 Far from the Madding Crowd (MGM)
1955 Female on the Beach (Universal)
1963 Flipper (MGM)
1964 Flipper’s New Adventure (MGM)
1959 Floods of Fear (Universal)
1959 Four Fast Guns (Universal)
1960 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (MGM)
1966 Frankenstein Conquers the World (AIP)
1959 Gazebo (MGM)
1966 Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (AIP)
1963 Global Affair (A) 7ARTS
1968 Glory Stompers (AIP)
1960 Go Naked in the World (MGM)
1964 Godzilla vs. The Thing (AIP)
1959 Goliath and the Barbarians (AIP)
1961 Goliath and the Dragon (AIP)
1964 Goliath and the Vampires (AIP)
1966 Grand Prix (MGM)
1953 Great Sioux (Universal)prising (Universal)
1964 Green Planet (AIP)
1957 Gun for a Coward (Universal)
1967 H.G. Wells 2267 A.D. (AIP)
1967 Happiest Millionaire DIS
1960 Head of a Tyrant (Universal)
1959 Headless Ghost (AIP)
1967 Hell Riders (AIP)
1969 Hell’s Angels ’69 (AIP)
1967 Hell’s Angels On Wheels (AIP) 
1960 Herod the Great (Allied Artists)
1962 High on a Mountain (Universal)
1963 His and Hers GB
1963 Honeymoon Hotel (MGM)
1961 Honeymoon Machine (MGM)
1962 Hook (MGM)
1961 Horizontal Lieutenant (MGM)
1967 House of a Thousand Dolls (AIP)
1960 House of (Universal)sher (AIP)
1959 House on Haunted Hill (Allied Artists)
1962 How the West was Won (MGM)
1957 I was a Teenage Werewolf (AIP)
1959 Imitation of Life (Universal)
1957 Incredible Shrinking Man (Universal)
1957 Invisible Boy (MGM)
1968 Isadora (Universal)
1964 Island of the Blue Dolphins (Universal)
1962 It Happened at the World’s Fair (MGM)
1961 Jekyll’s Inferno (AIP)?
1955 Joe Butterfly (Universal)
1954 Johnny Dark (Universal)
1960 Journey to the Lost City (AIP)
1962 Jumbo (MGM)
1952 Kansas Raiders (Universal)
1956 Kelly and Me (Universal)
1960 Kidnapped D
1961 King of Kings (MGM)
1961 Konga (AIP)
1955 Lady Godiva (Universal)
1957 Land (Universal)nknown (Universal)
1963 Last Man on Earth (AIP)
1959 Last of the Fast Guns (Universal)
1958 Light in the Forest D
1955 Looters (Universal)
1961 Lost Battalion (AIP)
1965 Lost World of Sinbad (AIP)
1957 Love Slaves of the Amazons (Universal)
1964 Loved One (MGM)
1961 Lover Come Back (Universal)
1953 Man from the Alamo (Universal)
1961 Man in the Iron Mask (AIP)
1957 Man of a Thousand Faces (Universal)
1955 Man Without a Star (Universal)
1963 Man’s Favorite Sport (Universal)
1962 Marco Polo (AIP)
1958 Mark of the Hawk (Universal)
1964 Masque of the Red Death (AIP)
1966 Maya (MGM)
1967 Million Eyes of Su-Maru (AIP)
1952 Mississippi Gambler (Universal)
1956 Mister Cory (Universal)
1966 Money Trap (MGM)
1957 Monolith Monsters (Universal)
1958 Monster on the Campus (Universal)
1962 Moonwalk (MGM)?
1962 Mutiny on the Bounty (MGM)
1955 Naked Dawn (Universal)
1967 Never a Dull Moment D
1959 Never So Few (MGM)
1964 Night Walker (Universal)
1957 Nightpassage (Universal)
1965 Once a Thief (MGM)
1954 One Desire (Universal)
1961 Operation Camel (AIP)
1959 Operation Petticoat (Universal)
1965 Our Man Flint Tcf
1962 Outer Planets (AIP)?
1964 Outrage (MGM)
1968 Parent Trap D
1966 Penelope (MGM)
1962 Period of Adjustment (MGM)
1962 Phantom of the Opera (Universal)
1961 Pharaoh’s Woman (Universal)
1957 Pillars of the Sky (Universal)
1961 Pit and the Pendulum (AIP)
1965 Planet of the Vampires (AIP)
1960 Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (MGM)
1962 Premature Burial (AIP)
1961 Primative’s Paradise (AIP)?
1963 Prize (MGM)
1954 Purple Mask (Universal)
1964 Quick Before It Melts (MGM)
1963 Racers (AIP)?
1954 Rails into Laramie (Universal)
1965 Rare Breed (Universal)
1963 Raven (AIP)
1952 Redhead from Wyoming (Universal)
1961 Reptilicus (AIP)
1955 Revenge of the Creature (Universal)
1963 Rhino (MGM)
1957 Run of the Arrow RKO
1958 Run Silent Run Deep (Universal)a
1955 Running Wild (Universal)
1963 Samson & the 7 Miracles of the World (AIP)
1954 Saskatchewan (Universal)
1955 Second Greatest Sex (Universal)
1960 Serengeti (Allied Artists)
1966 Seven Women (MGM)
1959 Shaggy Dog D
1968 Shakiest Gun in the West (Universal)
1965 Shenandoah (Universal)
1957 Showdown At Abilene (Universal)
1955 Shrike (Universal)
1959 Sign of the Gladiator (AIP)
1954 Sign of the Pagan (Universal)
1958 Silent Enemy Romulus
1970 Skullduggery (Universal)
1955 Smoke Signal (Universal)
1959 Snow Queen (Universal)
1962 Son of Flubber D
1959 Spartacus (Universal)
1966 Spinout (MGM)
1960 Spinster (MGM)
1969 Spirits of the Dead (AIP)
1959 Step Down to Terror (Universal)
1958 Stranger in My Arms (Universal)
1963 Sunday in New York (MGM)
1961 Sweet Bird of Youth (MGM)
1963 Take Me to the Fair (MGM)
1959 Tall Story W
1954 Tanganyika (Universal)
1957 Taproots (Universal)
1955 Tarantula (Universal)
1966 Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (AIP)
1954 Taza: Son of Cochise (Universal)
1959 T-Bird Gang FILMGROUP
1958 Teenagers from Outer Space W
1957 That Night Galahad
1961 The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (AIP)
1956 There’s Always Tomorrow (Universal)
1958 Thing that Couldn’t Die (Universal)
1959 Third Man on the Mountain D
1959 This Earth is Mine (Universal)
1955 This Island Earth (Universal)
1967 Thunder Alley (AIP)
1953 Thunder Bay (Universal)
1959 Time Machine (MGM)
1964 Time Travelers (AIP)
1955 To Hell and Back (Universal)
1958 Tom Thumb (MGM)
1958 Tonka D
1958 Torpedo Run (MGM)
1967 Trip (AIP)
1958 Twilight for the Gods (Universal)
1960 Two Lovers (MGM)
1963 Ugly American (Universal)
1956 Unguarded Moment (Universal)
1963 Unsinkable Molly Brown (MGM)
1957 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (AIP)
1963 Vikings (AIP)
1958 Violators (Universal)
1967 Violent Journey (AIP)
1958 Voice in the Mirror (Universal)
1957 Voodoo Woman (AIP)
1956 Walk the Proud Land (Universal)
1965 War Gods of the Deep (AIP)
1965 War of the Zombies (AIP)
1967 War Wagon (Universal)
1963 Wheeler Dealers (MGM)
1960 Where the Boys Are (MGM)
1962 White Slave Ship (AIP)
1963 White Stallions D
1959 Wild and the Innocent (Universal)
1966 Wild Angels (AIP)
1968 Wild in the Streets (AIP)
1950 Winchester ’73 (Universal)
1955 Woman On Beach (?) (Universal)
1962 Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (MGM)
1952 World in His Arms (Universal)
1956 World in My Corner (Universal)
1956 World Without End (Allied Artists)
1959 Wreck of the Mary Deare (MGM)
1957 Written on the Wind (Universal)
1963 X-Ray Eyes (AIP)
1954 Yankee Pasha (Universal)

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