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Rolled One Sheets End Feb 21st

145 Rolled One Sheets

Rolled One Sheets auction has begun and there are tons of high demand titles including Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park, Almost Famous, Clan of the Cave Bear, Taratino titles including Inglorious Basterds, True Romance, Django and others, various Star Wars series posters, Fifth Element, Gone With the Pope, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as well as a dozen or so others, 3 different Hellboy posters inc the heavy stock poster with Struzan art, Inception IMAX poster, Rabid Dogs aka Kidnapped - the Mario Bava classic, the Lion King, Lost Highway, 1958's Narcotic Story, Paranorman, Pink Floyd's the Wall, Predator, Shaun of the Dead, Toy Story, the Untouchables, V For Vendetta and a rare never auctioned poster for Trash with Joe Dellesandro.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a bug related to clock synchronization & date display and we are waiting for a fix. The date shown to users is supposed to be "location specific" meaning if you are in New York, the auction end time should be shown in your local time zone and the same for members in Los Angeles or Britain or anywhere else.
The dates shown are incorrect for many time zones, however one thing that will be correct, is the countdown clock. Regardless of the time/date shown, auctions will begin closing at 5:10 PM
We're waiting for the fix right now and hopefully it will be installed before the next auction ends

We Have New Auction Software - Easier to Use!

Yep, not only has our next auction begun, we have installed all-new auction software that is fully integrated with the rest of the website, allows you to add store items to your auction wins, has easy access 'Quick View' bidding and now has Extended Bidding again. Here are some of the great features the new app has:
  • Quick View Bidding allows you to made a bid without leaving the menu page
  • Extended Popcorn Bidding adds 3 minutes to any auction when a bid is made within the last three minutes
  • System automatically invoices all auction winners
  • Live Countdown Clock so you can see exactly how much time is left for an auction before it ends
  • Get an emailed item ending noticea few hours before an auction closes, to make sure you don't miss out on that poster you wanted to bid on
  • Social Groups Buttons so you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or to email it to your friends
  • User Dashboard for your auction activity & poster wins is now integrated into your main user dashboard. No more jumping between plugins.
  • Add To Your Auction Invoice From Our Store Listings! Wow! You can now do shopping in our store to add posters to your auction order for combined shipping to save money!

There are of course other improvements but we can't list them all, because there are too many.

Reynold Brown A Life In Pictures
Revised Edition - 80 new pages!
New Shipment Of Books Just Arrived!

Newly Revised edition of the fantastic book by Dan Zimmer on the famed movie poster illustrator. This great book first came out in 2009 and sold out very quickly. Jam-packed with hundreds of illustrations of Brown’s work from his days doing magazine art through his poster illustration & up to his modern art. A highly recommended tome on one of the greatest movie poster illustrators ever.

The new edition has a whopping 80 additional pages that were only available in the special edition of 100 copies in the first edition. These pages have been added with many dozens of new images & make the book a ginormous 304 pages full of art!


Coming Auctions

Rolled One Sheets
Auction Ends
February 21st

Folded One Sheets
Starts Weds
February 28th

Variety Auction.
Rolled half sheets and other smaller rolled posters from all over the world.
Coming Soon

Schedule is subject to change

We also have other great auctions coming up including Japanese posters, oversized & bus shelter posters, 3 & 6 sheet posters and very much more.
We hope we have something for you. Check us out weekly

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